“The Whole World is waiting for you to shine your Light, and I am here to support this process”

INTEGRATION COACH SPECIALIST:  Melissa’s mission is to support your Soul Process and your integration of Plant Medicine work using Psychosynthesis Coaching, the Psychology of the Soul, combined with a deep knowledge of Ceremonies and Plant Spirits and the ancient wisdom of Yoga.

Expertise: – Psychosynthesis Integration Specialist – Pre and Post Ceremony Integration – Jungle Trained Facilitator (trained with Shipibo Tribe in Peru) – Yoga Teacher (Hata, Vinyasa, Ying) – Tantra Practitioner – Highly empathic and intuitive – Expert in Languages and Cultures, which composed some of the basic structure of the ego

A PATH OF INTEGRITY – A BIT ABOUT ME: My system based on these 3 main tools are the path I am walking.

Plant Medicine Path: I choose to dedicate my life studying how to serve Ayahuasca and other plant remedies the Amazon jungle can offer studying with the tribes that have passed this knowledge down for millennia. I am honored to study with Shipibo tribe in Peru, and had being initiated by Maestro Don Enrique Lopez for the masculine lineage, and my Maestro Wilder, for the feminine lineage, receiving the knowledge and the privilege to be an official ayahusquera and apprentice under their wings. I am absolutely honored to have done 3 dietas so far, being called by these Spirits to learn and serve.

Yoga Path: I have been practicing Yoga for the last 10 years, having the call to become a teacher 2 years ago, which changed my practice and understanding of this incredible tool for a fulfilled life. Yoga main contribute to the medicine work is to offer a more inclusive view of how daily practice is the way to integrate, and how a life in integrity is the only way to embody what spirits teach you.

Coaching Path: Psychosynthesis, or the psychologist of the Soul, is my absolute favorite coaching style (of course?!;-), as puts YOU, the coachee, in the center, seeing you as a whole and complete being with your own inner wisdom supported by the coach guidance to find your answers. The coach is necessary, as you need a mirror to see what is there. Furthermore, the coach possesses the right tools to support your own exploration. But I see you as a Soul in your own beautiful process of blossoming, and not as a “patient” to be fixed, or a “child” to be told what to do. My goal is to support and empower you.