• $700.00 – Donation Amount

Date & Time Details: October 2-9 , 2022 Registration is between 2pm and 4pm on Friday and the weekend ends by noon on Sunday, excluding any additional ceremonies purchased such as Kambo.

Location: Pachamama Sanctuary

Address: New Hampshire, USA


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Program is fully booked

Special Ayahuasca Retreat with Sacred Toad

With Juan and Maria

October 7 - 9, 2022

Program is fully booked

Donation $700


This 3 day, 2 night retreat in southern New Hampshire includes two ayahuasca ceremonies on Friday and Saturday and we will finish on Sunday by noon after breakfast and a group photo. Juan and Maria bring an amazing energy to the circle and they will be leading us through the two Sacred Ayahuasca journeys and you also have the option to participate in a Sacred Bufo toad ceremony on Sunday, October 9.

The weekend will include all of your meals, accommodations, and activities. Activities may vary for the weekend, but will include breath work, yoga, integration, and music.

We offer indefinite integration online at no extra cost to assist you in bringing the insights you gained through ceremony into your daily life. Details will be provided to you after the retreat and you are welcome to join the integration session whenever you feel called.

We provide a safe, loving, and respectful space for you to do your important inner work and are honored that your journey led you to the Sanctuary.

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Blessings to you.


Juan and Maria
We are Ayacona. Ayacona is a project created by Juan and Maria. They are a couple of yageceros/practitioners originally from Colombia and have been working with the sacred medicines from the jungle for around 18 years now. Juan and Maria have had the opportunity to learn and to work with different taitas, shamans, indigenous people, medicine men and women from different tribes from the Amazon, from Colombia, especially with the people from the Kametsá tribe, in Putumayo, Colombia; but they have also been with the people from Brazil and Perú. They strongly believe that Amazon is not only one particularly country, they believe in respectfully unifying as one. Each tribe, tradition, and medicine, has something very powerful to teach us, so that is why Juan and Maria integrate  a little bit of each of them into their own ceremonies through the music, the medicines, and the way they hold the sacred space. This purpose of Unification is why they started a year ago an alliance with the Lakota people, manifesting with them the prophecy of Condor and Eagle, to fly together again to share and unite pueblos through respect, ceremonies, and medicines to bring the ancient memories of who we…
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