Ayahuasca Spiritual Retreat Center Portland

Welcome to Pachamama Sanctuary, your Portland spiritual center. We are dedicated to supporting people from all backgrounds on their journey toward inner healing and spiritual discovery. At our sanctuary, Ayahuasca serves as a sacred tool, used under the guidance of experienced teachers, to aid in healing and uncovering one’s spiritual path.

Pachamama Sanctuary is one of the premier Portland retreat centers. It welcomes anyone seeking healing from past traumas, spiritual insights, or personal growth. Join our community, and let us assist you on your path to wellness and enlightenment.

Ayahuasca is considered a gift to humanity, intended to awaken our souls and raise our spiritual energy. It is a special tea made from plants found in the Amazon Rainforest. Many members of our community have experienced significant emotional and spiritual healing with Ayahuasca, finding peace and relief from their troubles.

Pachamama Sanctuary is dedicated to offering clear and precise information about Ayahuasca, debunking myths, and clarifying truths. As your Portland retreat center, we warmly welcome everyone and provide genuine insights into this powerful healing practice.