Our Team

Derek Januszewski

Founding Pastor

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Derek is a 45 year old father of 3 children – Dylan, Althea, and Zoe. He grew up bouncing back and forth between Massachusetts and Florida. A survivor of tremendous abuse in many forms, Derek came to the medicine in 2017 after a decade long battle with addiction that was starting to get away from him.

Through intense inner work, extensive work with the medicine, and countless hours working in service to the medicine working along with nearly 1,000 brave souls who sat with the medicine over the last couple of years, Derek has healed much of his trauma. The spiritual healing he recieved through the medicine inspired him to found Pachamama Sanctuary to help others find their own path to health and happiness.

Derek is passionate about being in service to others. Always ready to lend a hand in any capacity, what he loves most is providing assistance and guidance to anyone who is struggling and is ready to take on the work to find personal acceptance and growth. He spends much of his time helping people integrate their process and is readily available to help those in need however possible. ॐ

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Zach Barney

Retreat Coordinator

Integration Coach

Yoga Instructor

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Over the past 8 years Zach has dedicated himself to the study and integration of shamanic healing practices.

As a student of Sacred Medicines and Meditation, he has traveled to numerous sacred sites in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia to heal himself and train with guardians of the medicine.

Through his journey he has developed a deep respect for the sacred medicine traditions of indigenous communities across the world.

Zach is grateful and honored to be of service to all the brave souls that are seeking deep inner healing at Pachamama Sanctuary.

Outside of retreats, he has been divinely guided to empower people to become their own healer through sharing powerful tools for integration.

Zach’s journey has taught him to make the most out of every moment, since life is truly a ceremony.

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Rapé facilitator


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