Maima María Manesita Queta & Taita Luis Alberto Queta

Maima María Manesita Queta is the sister of Taita Mayor Querubín Queta Alvarado 108 year old Chief of the Cofan tribe from the south of Colombia. She will be accompanied by her son Taita Luis Alberto Queta. Their tribe resides in the Ukumari Kankhe reservation in Nariño just over the Putumayo county border and are part of an unbroken lineage of Yage oral traditions that goes back over 5000 years. They work with chants, Wairas, and harmonicas to harmonize one with the medicine and perform deep energetic cleansing to help shed stagnant energy and align one’s spirit.

Maima Manesita is known for her sacred healing chants and is the first medicine woman to come from their tribe. Taita Luis Alberto also works with Hapé as well as other sacred plants and special resins used in smudging rituals. Their ceremony is done in a traditional way holding sacred silent space in the beginning of the night followed by music and very deep energy cleansing using sound healing towards the end.